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Hotel and hospitality businesses were in a similar situation several years ago, until the NAACP issued the entire industry a failing grade for hiring practices and its treatment of African American clientele.
Rooks focuses on three magazines published, edited, and written by African American women: Ringwood's Afro-American Journal of Fashion (1891-1894), Half-Century Magazine for the Colored Home and Homemaker (1916-1925), and Tan Confessions (1950-1952).
To illuminate the complex dynamics of the crack era on distressed African American families, this paper takes a life-course approach (Elder, 1999; Mortimer, & Shanahan, 2003).
The second phase of Harlequin's double-barreled seduction of African American readers was the company's November 2005 purchase of BET Books, the publishing arm of Black Entertainment Television that includes the Arabesque, New Spirit and Sepia imprints.
Several research studies have suggested that the extent to which African American students employ motivational and cognitive processes in academic situations may relate to the manner in which Black students perceive their ethnicity (Franklin & Boyd-Franklin, 2000).
Richie, who heads the African American Studies department at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Contemporary Mental Health Issues Among African Americans
At the same time, whereas Brownsville's elites had supported federally funded housing during World War II and its aftermath, they responded to the rising African American and Puerto Rican populations with concerted campaigns for private middle income houses to offset the spread of public housing.
But as some in Cleveland try to rescue both the city's and their own ailing fortunes, skeptics remain of internationalization's true advantages to the many poor African Americans in Cleveland, which last August was dubbed "the nation's poorest city" by the Census Bureau.
African American Christians often operated under the conviction that "God was acting in history to effect spiritual and material salvation of all peoples of African descent and that the divine One would use them to present true Christianity and civilization to a world of injustice.
Although "moments of inclusion" occur when African American parents are encouraged to participate in school activities such as parent/teacher conferences and athletic events, interaction with African American parents often does not occur outside of these traditional invitations.
Many states don't allow felons to vote again even after they have paid their debt to society, so tougher criminal penalties have the net effect of quieting the political voice of the African American community.

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