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Dried intact seeds without an afterripening treatment were placed in 24-well tissue culture plates with one seed per well.
The warm-dry period may be necessary for afterripening.
paradoxus seeds is apparently controlled by endogenous factors that can prevent germination such as hormone levels, afterripening requirements, or possibly light and temperature sensitivity (Nikolaeva 1977; Baskin & Baskin 1998).
Seeds of other taxa generally require a combination of afterripening, low temperature moist stratification, abrasion or chemical leaching to overcome innate dormancy (Penner, 1985).
The DAH or afterripening intervals were selected based on reports in the literature (Seshu and Sorrells, 1986) and our preliminary experiment using the seeds from parental and [F.
rubra acorns that had been stratified for 8-12 weeks grew faster and taller than did those stratified for 0-4 weeks, indicating that afterripening changes occur within the acorn that prepare the embryo for more rapid growth (Hopper et al.
3] by afterripening or slow drying has been reported (Evans and Young, 1975; Nicholls, 1979.