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However, perhaps he or she could explain why the more prosperous areas of the country, for example North Yorkshire with only 10 crimes of violence against the person per 1,000 of the population is so low compared to areas of deprivation and high unemployment which are considerably higher.
6% Violent crime 2,586 2,069 -20% Violence against the person (with injury) 1,277 971 -24% Violence against the person (without injury) 1,090 853 -21.
The CPS has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to charge, and thus no further action will be taken against the person arrested at this time.
She said between the financial years 2005/06 and 2008/09, violence against the person decreased by 3,627 offences on Teesside, which is equivalent to a reduction of more than 25%.
Other offences against the person - with injury -10%
If this happens, your remedy lies with an action against the person who sold you the car
Sgt Lee Burns, from Little Park Street police, today said: "We have finalised our investigation and no further action will be taken against the person arrested.
However, he later dropped the ongoing civil case against the person admitting no such attack took place.
For counting purposes, one offense is counted for each victim of a crime against the person.
Also, even if we have been grievously wronged, we are admonished not to seek vengeance or bear a grudge against the person who has wronged us, even if he or she has not sought our forgiveness.
The NIST server provides an interface to both the state's AFIS and criminal history database, as well as an EFTS transmission to the FBI when merited by the type of charge against the person.
people were arrested for violence against the person, while there were 42 arrested for theft and 41 for sexual offences.