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Thus, in this study, it is seen that Erotic love as well as Agape love style influence marital quality of the female from joint family set up.
To my knowledge, and importantly for the understanding of forgiveness, Aquinas and others in this tradition have not discussed a vice that represents the excess of charity or agape love.
Why Is the Predominant Teaching on the Nature of Agape Love Misguided?
III: Agape Love is rooted upon personal needs for romantic love ("eros").
However noble and lofty is the agape love, it is much easier said than done, as Christians have discovered.
The Agape love style results were interesting because this style of love is selfless and giving, whereas youngest children have been characterized as spoiled and self-centered (Stewart, 2004).
It was agape love that enabled me to reach out to her after repeated rejection.
He is remembered as a the public prophet of agape love, who taught his foot soldiers to turn the other cheek and to embrace the cardinal principles of Christian love, which demand that one loves his enemy.
The term "gift of self" has become synonymous in Catholic circles with agape love.
In the next three chapters, he traces the development of Christian agape love toward others as a novel concept in the ancient world.
I applaud those who work diligently, out of the celebrity limelight, with the love of Jesus in those foreign lands Webb speaks about, but our "neighbors" are sometimes not far from our front doors and deserve the hands-on agape love of Jesus as well as any in far-off lands.