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AGIO, aggio. This term is used to denote the difference of price between the value of bank notes and nominal money, and the coin of the country. Encyc.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Por meio das ferramentas das redes sociais e possivel falar de um novo tipo de engajamento, agora na esfera on-line (Aggio, 2010).
Past research has found that adults who participated in sports while in high school were more physically active as adults (Dohle & Wansink, 2013; Kjonniksen, L., Torsheim, T., & Wold, B., 2008; Smith, Gardner, Aggio, & Hamer, 2015).
Easierp ickingsf orM aggio Maggio, whose last run was behind Simonsig at Aintree in April, made the most of this easier opening when coming home five lengths clear under James Reveley in the intermediate hurdle.
Em (Aggio, Marques & Sampaio, 2011) descreve-se uma iniciativa de participacao mantida pelo candidato Jose Serra as Eleicoes Presidenciais Brasileiras de 2010.
Perche ci si deve orientare verso il dos aggio immunologico non isotopico?
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