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based on the new Methodology, producing Guidelines for defining agglomerations
Figure 1 depicts two existing sets of industrial agglomerations in Pakistan.
At present, the non-equilibrium depth measurement of the supply and demand of city agglomeration transportation system has proved to be competent to analyze and solve the contradiction between supply and demand.
The majority of literature finds a positive correlation between agglomeration and economic growth (Bairoch, 1993; Hohenberg and Lees, 1985; Hohenber, 2004), and even Brulhart and Sbergami (2009) have again validated the hypothesis of Williamson (1965).
A noter que ces nouvelles agglomerations devraient regrouper de 400 a 500 familles, pour constituer une sorte de petits villages comprenant tous les services et les activites economiques.
If agglomerations of activity generate knowledge spillovers and other externality-based productivity advantages, new FDI firms will prefer to locate in regions that contain such agglomerations.
This paper aims to analyze and discuss the complementarity-based nature of coopetition strategy, inter-firm relationships within a country-of-origin agglomeration, the web of inter-firm networks, and the internationalization process of financial services firms.
Attempting to blow up a loose agglomeration of rocky material is a lot like firing a bullet into a pile of sandbags, notes Love.
Couple families in the census agglomeration of Yellowknife ranked second with a median income of $111,500 followed by couple families in Labrador City at $87,900.
Do agglomerations occur for many narrowly defined and small industrial sectors, in which case any particular agglomeration is unlikely to have an effect on wages?
Proponents of BEV argue that because malls generate retail mass agglomerations and require tenant mix coordination they achieve significant benefits not found in other retail property types.