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Unjustified planned, threatened, or carried out use of force by one nation against another.

The key word in the definition of aggression is "unjustified"—that is, in violation of International Law, treaties, or agreements. It was the basic charge leveled against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.


noun aggressiveness, antagonism, assault, attack, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, besiegement, combativeness, contentiousness, drive, enterprise, fight, foray, hostility, hustle, illapse, infringement, initiative, injury, inroad, intrusion, irruption, jingoism, martiality, militancy, offense, onset, onslaught, outbreak, provocation, pugnacity, push, pushiness, raid, sally, sortie, storming, transgression, unprovoked attack, warlikeness
See also: assault, belligerency, foray, incursion, infringement, intrusion, invasion, offense, onset, outbreak, provocation
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A gorgeous dummy allowed the aggresive Ward a clear run on goal.
She is a real aggresive player, she attacks the backboard.
Additionally, Fedders has embarked on an aggresive marketing program.
The plaintiff seeks to recover damages on behalf of all purchasers of Dreyfus Aggresive Growth Fund and Premier Aggressive Growth Fund.
DETERMINED: Rory McIlroy gets aggresive at Oak Hill.
The longer he stays fit, the better it will be for Everton and he could prove to be the difference between us beating United or falling short; he has got everything you would want from a striker and more, in that he's quick, aggresive and capable of taking chances when they come along.
A letter sent to him from prison security chiefs said he was banned for "abusive and aggresive behaviour to staff during the processing of visitors".
He's definitely a good player but he's also aggresive which is maybe to our advantage.
But Middlesex will have to play some aggresive cricket today if they are to beat an Essex outfit who should be too strong for their hosts.
If fit, McCann, who missed Rangers' game at Dundee yesterday, won't be in that role on Tuesday, with boss Craig Brown asking him to fly down the left in aggresive attack.
He is strong, aggresive, comfortable on the ball and has a good touch as well, which makes him the complete full back.
We know what some of the risk factors are for adolescents and children: substance abuse, mentall illness, aggresive or antisocial behavior, a family history of violence, exposure to the suicide of a family member or somebody they knew, severe stress in school or social life, or what is termed `rapid socio-cultural change,' '' Crosby said.