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Rand's President, Allen "Pete" Grum stated: "During the quarter, Rand invested over $600,000, continuing our aggressive investment strategy from prior quarters.
Fitch believes these strengths offset the riskiness of its aggressive investment strategy, severe liquidity losses and concerns regarding its debt structure.
These strengths are somewhat mitigated by a very aggressive investment strategy, which exposes surplus to potential volatility.
ONs aggressive investment strategy in renewable energy is likely to keep it ahead of its closest rival EDF EN
The 'A+' rating assigned to WCIA reflects its extremely strong level of capital adequacy, solid growth in its member's reserve, the financial and moral support of its members, offset somewhat by a more aggressive investment strategy and limited geographic exposure.
A more likely risk is that a SWF could introduce an unacceptable degree of financial risk into another country's market through an overly aggressive investment strategy.
The major credit concerns are declining operations against the backdrop of an aggressive investment strategy, an increasingly back loaded debt amortization schedule, and the risks associated with the construction and operation of its new 12,000 seat Verizon Wireless Encore Amphitheatre in northern Fulton County.
RLI's strong capitalization on an absolute basis continues to be weakened on a quality level due to its aggressive investment strategy and embedded catastrophe risk.

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