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Unjustified planned, threatened, or carried out use of force by one nation against another.

The key word in the definition of aggression is "unjustified"—that is, in violation of International Law, treaties, or agreements. It was the basic charge leveled against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.


noun aggressiveness, antagonism, assault, attack, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, besiegement, combativeness, contentiousness, drive, enterprise, fight, foray, hostility, hustle, illapse, infringement, initiative, injury, inroad, intrusion, irruption, jingoism, martiality, militancy, offense, onset, onslaught, outbreak, provocation, pugnacity, push, pushiness, raid, sally, sortie, storming, transgression, unprovoked attack, warlikeness
See also: assault, belligerency, foray, incursion, infringement, intrusion, invasion, offense, onset, outbreak, provocation
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Aggressive behavior in patients with psychological disorders has always been an important issue in clinical psychiatric work because of the high incidence rate and adverse consequences.
Recent studies have contributed to a better understanding of changes associated with aggressive behavior in typically developing children.
The FDA believes that state-of-the-art behavioral treatments, such as positive behavioral support, and medications can enable health care providers to find alternative approaches for curbing self-injurious or aggressive behaviors in their patients.
One important focus of research addressing aggressive behavior during childhood has been an attempt to classify this behavior in regard to its motivation and manifestations.
The most important interactions between family members, such as emotional tensions resulting from impaired communication and unsolved family conflicts or the lack of understanding or time to solve the growing family problems can lead to aggressive behavior [1].
At the Agricultural Research Service's Livestock Behavior Research Unit in West Lafayette, Indiana, biologist Hengwei Cheng and his colleagues are examining the use of serotonin as an alternative method to reduce aggressive behavior in birds before they hatch.
However, it is unclear how external and intrinsic factors interact and whether previous mixing experience affects the aggressive behavior of pigs.
Treatment for aggressive behavior really calls for an "all hands on deck" family-based intervention.
Boys reported doing more physically aggressive behaviors and spending more time playing violent games than girls.
Drone technologies tested by the US and China may save human lives, but may also encourage aggressive behavior from controllers
Various studies refer to the short- and long-term effects of aggressive behavior during the preschool period, in particular.
A longitudinal study of forms and functions of aggressive behavior in early childhood.