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AGGRESSOR, crim. law. He who begins, a quarrel or dispute, either by threatening or striking another. No man may strike another because he has threatened, or in consequence of the use of any words.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Iraqi government has adopted immediate measures in protection of the diplomatic mission and taking the aggressors out of the embassy building.
He congratulated the Lebanese people on the liberation of Southern Lebanon from the yoke of the Israeli regime, saying that the aggressive nature of the Zionist regime indicated that the only way to fight aggressors is resistance.
"We advise the Islamic establishment's enemies to respect national sovereignty and the dignity and will of the Iranians, because our proud nation has proved throughout history that it is not an aggressor but will severely punish aggressors," Hatami said.
According to him, dozens of detention camps where Bosniak civilians were killed, over 700 mass graves still unearthing the bodies of murdered children, girls, boys and elderly Bosniaks, tens of thousands of raped Bosniak women, destroyed towns and demolished mosques clearly prove who was and what were the plans of the occupiers and aggressors, and who were the defenders, heroes and liberators.
THE keenly-contested fight for promotion to the top flight of the Loughborough and District Table Tennis League has shifted in the favour of Charnwood Aggressors.
Therefore, determining the family variables (parental stress, parental competence, and parenting style) of children who are victims and aggressors of bullying/cyberbullying will allow us to study in greater depth the influence of family context on peer victimization/aggression.
Tehran's first comment on the attack was a vow to prosecute the aggressors. Yet Ejei maintains that reducing penalties is one of the steps to be taken due to Tehran's enmity with Riyadh.
'The apology voiced by Tony Blair is a lesson for other aggressors,' said the head of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations on Saturday.
In addition, in response to the emerging "made to penetrate" argument, we varied the role of the participant in the scenario, as either perpetrator or aggressor, in order to be able to compare the perceptions of men and women when they imagined themselves to be in a typical gender role situation (men as aggressors and women as victims) and in an atypical situation (women as aggressors and men as victims).
As a general rule, transparency hinders aggressors. The more time the international community has to prepare (based in observed behaviors and actions) for what it perceives as impending aggression, the more time it will have to mobilize.
NNA - "Hezbollah" Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, considered Sunday that "the war on Yemen ought to be the concern of all, for it shall denote a factor in shaping the region's future." Addressing a crowd of religious scholars across the screen, who gathered in the Iranian city of Qom in support of the Yemeni people, Nasrallah praised "Yemen's brave people, army and resistance heroes, for their steadfast strength and determination to come out victorious and defeat their aggressors, no matter the sacrifices." "These people have enough wisdom, awareness, faith, determination and understanding, which enable them to fully fathom the truth of aggression, leading them to defeating their aggressors," Nasrallah went on.