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AGNATION, in descents. The relation by blood which exists between such males as are descended from the same father; in distinction from cognation or consanguinity, which includes the descendants from females. This term is principally used in the civil law.

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With respect to the natural difficulty of separating different types of MPs in classes due to their interpersonal/textual behavior, it was shown how the system of ASSESSMENT may be useful to create such distinction through agnation and delicacy.
By reconsidering the relationship between features in systemic functional networks in relation to Gleason's concept of agnation, Davidse (1998) reveals an important difference between the inherent organization of interpersonal and experiential networks: interpersonal systems are based on agnation, whereas experiential systems are based on enation.
If a man creates a family endowment for his son and the latter's lineal descendants, the principle of agnation therefore will exclude progressively from the resulting lineal descent group both female and male cognatic descendants of the founder.
When Confucianism was adopted from China in 1392 by the founder of the Yi Dynasty, it introduced into Korean society the principle of agnation, which made men alone the structurally relevant members of society and relegated women to social dependence.
and belonging defined by women, there lingered a possible world of togetherness reckoned in terms of agnation, and locality defined in terms of men.