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To find out, University of Missouri psychologist Kenneth Vail III and colleagues recruited 26 Christians, 28 atheists, 40 Muslims and 28 agnostics.
Support was highest among evangelical Protestants and Catholics and lowest among Jews, the unaffiliated and atheists and agnostics.
Talking about survey, Alan Cooperman, associate director for research, said that American atheists and agnostics tend to be people who grew up in a religious tradition and consciously gave it up, often after a great deal of reflection and study.
In Chapter 10 of Eighty Years And More: Reminiscences 1815-1897(1898), Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote: "To-day Miss Anthony is an agnostic.
Greene's ghost, quartered in that realm of heaven reserved for agnostic Catholics, must be amused by this sudden turn, given that the author thought Hollywood misunderstood him even worse than Rome.
We don't read about mobs of atheists stoning and burning those who do not share their non-beliefs, or agnostics blowing themselves up in discos and taking children with them, or firing rockets from helicopter gunships.
To my knowledge there is no humanist, agnostic, or atheist organization in Kentucky that serves children or families in need.
It's extremely important to recognise that atheists and agnostics are believers.
In other words, you may have 300 Catholics in a school district and two agnostics, and the agnostics will succeed in having the school declared non-confessional by appealing to the equality clause in the Charter.