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AGRICULTURE. The art of cultivating the earth in order to obtain from it the divers things it can produce; and particularly what is useful to man, as grain, fruit's, cotton, flax, and other things. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. tit. 14, s. 1, n. 1.

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Simin Azimi, Department of Agricultur, Agricultural Faculty, Urmia University, Urmia, West Azarbaijan, Iran
25-27: The Big Cheese, Caerphilly 25-27: CLA Game Fair, Blenheim P 26: Bishop's Castle Agricultur Sally Deakins, 01588 630070 26: International Snowdon R 27: 2nd annual International Bog Da 12pm-3.
In the meeting, a fourmember committee presented its recommendations for amendments in schemes of urban and agricultur lands.