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In order to get the required yield, the National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC), has called on farmers to use seeds from accredited sources as they prepare to commence planting this wet season.
A flour mill, mineral fertilizers plant, oil pressing factory, agricultural seeds processing plant will be constructed under the memorandum.
Al-Zadjali said that the vegetable oil sector gained importance in the field of Arab agriculture and the agricultural seeds assume the second rank after the group of cereal crops in a comparative importance of the cultivated areas in the Arab world, explaining that the oil seeds are incorporated within the commodity framework of the Emergency Programme of the Food Security Programme.
Meanwhile, Monsanto - the world's largest producer of agricultural seeds and a giant in the field of agricultural biotechnology - has announced that it is halting its efforts to lobby European governments to allow the cultivation of its genetically modified products.
Small samples of seeds are removed from batches of horticultural and agricultural seeds that have been pelleted and film-coated.
We will ensure that adequate quantities of foodgrains and other essential commodities are available in the state and that agricultural seeds of the desired variety are also available," he said.
Pakistan has decided to export one million tonnes of surplus wheat to Iran in return for agricultural seeds, equipment and fertilizers.
We have earmarked about US $ 100 million for establishing various institutions including the India Africa Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development, soil water and tissue testing laboratories, farm science centres, agricultural seeds production-cum-demonstration centres and rural technology parks in different parts of Africa," he added.
N Enterprises, grower, miller and exporter, is considered to be a reliable supplier of high quality Long Grain White Rice Irri-6, Silky, 5, 15 & 25 percent Broken, Long Super Kernel Rice, Super Kernel Parboiled Rice, D-98, 386, and agricultural seeds and other food grains in the international market.
In addition to applications in the manufacturing of plastics and gypsum, Sherwood says, its Fluid Bed Dryer is useful in the production of pharmaceuticals, food ingredients such as starch and yeast, and for drying agricultural seeds, www.

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