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The broad sweep of his aide memoire was broken down into three aspects: That the Govt of India took possession of Junagadh state by force, after its legal accession to Pakistan, and has largely vitiated its case in Kashmir by its actions in Kashmir That the Govt of India brought pressure to bear, at various times, on the Maharajah and the Govt of Kashmir in order to induce the State to acceded to the Dominion of India That the Govt of India planned the dispatch of Indian forces to Kashmir sometime in advance of the actual date.
The aide memoire mentioned that PEF distributed and registered over 50,000 additional vouchers in education-wise backward districts during the last financial year 2013-14 to beneficiary out of school/dropout children of 6-16 year of age; thus raising the total number to over two lakh against the target of 175,000.
From my first day on the kibbutz, repertory like Aide Memoire challenged me to reach what Mika Webber, Dance Journey artistic director, describes as "always going above your limits, searching for more, never letting go, and never saying, 'That's all I can do.
4%), but it was nevertheless encouraging that the aide memoire resulted in a small but significant improvement in documentation (5.
Aide Memoires from Preparation Support Missions (June 2007, September 2007, December 2007)
These photos are a useful aide memoire - most politicians jot the aforesaid details on the photo.
All serious candidates and election agents took the guide on as an aide memoire only.
The Dark Tower -A Concordance: Originally written for King by Robin Furth as an aide memoire to ensure continuity, this A-Z guide to names, places and plot covers the first four volumes in the series.
We might all think that we are the best communicators, the best teachers or the best drivers (pilots) but often it is the little things that can be overlooked which, whilst not dangerous in themselves, can either be the shining lightbulb for an aspiring student or a useful aide memoire for ourselves.
MoReq might be useful when deciding between software applications that have been certified as capable of managing electronic records, as its comprehensive list of requirements could be used as an aide memoire or prompt during this process.
KENNY JOHNSON, whose late flourish aboard 16-1 winner Aide Memoire at Ayr destroyed the last remaining hopes of anyone landing the massive Scoop6 pool, took time out from washing down the 11-year-old after the race to offer his apologies to those whose dreams were shattered, writes David Lawrence.
The reviewer also found the text an efficient aide memoire when looking up networking issues that needed an immediate question answering -- providing a possibly useful extra use for the book after any examination has been taken.