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General officers may select an aide "from within their command or request aide nominations from the Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD), PERSCOM." (9) Whoever chooses the junior officer, selection as an aide de camp commonly distinguishes young officers from their peers.
Instead, it has cast its lot with General Wiranto, Suharto's defense minister and former aide de camp. No angel he.
The Napoleon Reserve de Castex (named after a family member who was an aide de camp of Napoleon 1) is made from 80% grapes grown in the Grande Champagne appellation and 20 % from Fin Bois.
The public noticed when a female aide de camp accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to a function in Nyeri on Friday as this is unusual.
Kingibe, however, will henceforth be provided with: an officer not below the rank of a chief administrative officer; a personal secretary not below Grade Level 10, two to three armed policemen; one DSS officer not below Grade Level 8 as an Aide de Camp to be attached for life and paid by the State Security Agencies; two vehicles to be replaced every four years.
This will enable us, the Global Space Organization to forward its own goals of human advancement out into space." - Michael Brunn, Aide de Camp | Global Space Organization
18 ( ANI ): Prince William has been given a new royal role as 'personal aide de camp' to the Queen, it has been announced.
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He served for four years as aide de camp of the retired Chief Supt.
When approached by State House correspondents for comments after the meeting with Osinbajo, the IGP declined, referring them to the Vice President's Aide de Camp (ADC).
President Micheal D Higgins was represented by his aide de camp Colonel Brendan McAndrew.