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To be fair to Aiden that wasn't his fault that time - it was the other psychopath's fault!
"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Aiden's surgeon and the team of doctors and nurses at the hospital for all of their wonderful work and care."
"Max is a bit like Aiden in that he has missed a big part of pre-season and, while he is making good progress, he is probably a bit off full match fitness.
His aunt Diane added: "When Aiden walked into a room he would brighten it up.
Chester Race Company Chief Executive Richard Thomas said: "Our team has been working around the clock to create this incredible race day concept and we are thrilled to be collaborating with Aiden, who's execution and attention to detail we have admired for some time.
"My brother said the noise of the impact was so loud, he thought the ball had struck one of the plastic seats" Diane added: "Aiden wasn't feeling great and one of his eyes wasn't opening properly where it was bruised but Abi was more upset he was missing the football."
Addressing the effect on him and Aiden's family, Mr Chaffe said: "Devastated is an absolute understatement.
Connor, a student at Vanguard Gifted Academy, and Aiden, who attends Rotolo Middle School, were modest when asked about their generous gift.
The walls of the 4500sq ft house are adorned with football shirts from Aiden's career and it is kitted out in lavish decor.
But for as long as he can remember Aiden has identified as a male - but he only felt comfortable coming out eight months ago.