AIDERS, crim. law. Those who assist, aid, or abet the principal, and who are principals in the second degree. 1. Russell, 21.

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His dad Michael and fellow first aiders Gette Fulton and Kayleigh Frew also helped the injured.
RUSHING to respond to a potentially life-threatening emergency, Saint John's Ambulance first aiders need to be able to keep a cool head in a high-pressure situation.
First aiders on the ship worked to help the woman and she was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, "as a precaution".
The interactive session was in line with other initiatives by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services -- First Aider at Home, targeting housewives, and 'Freejna' First Aiders, aimed at everyone.
The plan is to have two trained first aiders on small boats at Al Jazayir beach during peak hours on weekends and holidays.
First aiders must have a valid first aid certificate and all parties' involvement is subject to DBS and CRB checks.
Volunteer first aiders, who have been described as "heroes" by funfair owner Robert Wilkinson, managed to revive the unnamed mum twice, but she sadly died in hospital.
The ride was stopped and volunteer first aiders revived her twice, but she later died in hospital.
The WRU has funded training for over 2,000 first aiders in the last two years.
You don't panic, you open a new app - or pair of apps - called GoodSAM, developed with the help of neurosurgeon Mr Mark Wilson to connect first aiders with medical emergencies.
DEAR Editor, I would like, through your newspaper, to thank the Birmingham first aiders together with the two lovely ladies on the pharmacy counter at Boots, New Street.
FIRST aiders from across the country converged on Coventry last month for a competition in life-saving techniques.