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Certain institutions seem designed specifically to offer gas, food, and lodging to ex-White House aides and are more than happy to house someone whose "professional experience" section of their resume ends in 1986.
Maria points out residents so pool aides can serve them.
Aides later said they were continuing to look for witnesses and that the investigation did not end with the election.
Working as a Fedcap Home Health Aide is a great way to start or re-start a career," Lucas said.
He hopes it will encourage aides to become full-fledged teachers.
His longtime aide and former presidential campaign manager Steve Elmendorf is now Kerry's field director, while his former deputy campaign manager Karen Hancox--yet another veteran of the Clinton White House--is the Kerry campaign's chief executive officer.
You could instead ask a few nurse aides to view an hour-long Web-based seminar on each of five consecutive days and then bring them together on the sixth day for a 45-minute discussion of what they learned.
Many aides are very familiar with the workings of government and are well-connected among civil servants to know what buttons to push on behalf of contractors.
He said a hotel maid in Providence earns over $9 an hour, but an aide in a nursing home there averages only $7.
Edna and Tim, another aide, transfer Loretta to her wheelchair.
Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, Gubler and other members of the Hollywood and Santa Monica chambers also plan to meet with top aides to House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas, R-Bakersfield, and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.
Their primary function is to assist aides whenever possible.