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AIDS, Engl. law. Formerly they were certain sums of money granted by the tenant to his lord in times of difficulty and distress, but, as usual in such cases, what was received as a gratuity by the rich and powerful from the weak and poor, was soon claimed as a matter of right; and aids became a species of tax to be paid by the tenant to his lord, in these cases: 1. To ransom the lord's person, when taken prisoner; 2. To make the lord's eldest son a knight; 3. To marry the lord's eldest daughter, by giving her a suitable portion. The first of these remained uncertain; the other two were fixed by act of parliament at twenty shillings each being the supposed twentieth part of a knight's fee, 2 Bl. Com. 64.

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In March injection-drug users, gay men, and others considered at high risk are urged not to donate blood, the first case of AIDS from a blood transfusion having been documented in December 1982.
America lost the flamboyant pianist Liberace to AIDS in 1987 and gasped in 1991 when NBA idol Magic Johnson announced that he had contracted the human immunodeficiency virus.
government, which last year imposed a condition that countries receiving federal AIDS grants must sign a statement condemning prostitution.
So how do these classical arguments or "rules" on the relationship of the rich and the poor relate to the African AIDS crisis?
The maturation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been an advantage to medical scheme members who need coverage for the disease because it's more cost-effective to provide treatment for the infection than to cover the costs of hospitalization for the complications associated with AIDS, said McDonald.
Finding more coordinated approaches on AIDS or MCA initiatives would not compromise any of the broader goals President Bush has established.
A higher sensitivity to the palliative and end-of-life needs of patients with advanced AIDS has evolved at the Center.
The first AIDS hospital in the country opened in Houston and closed just 12 months later.
RAPID RESEARCH: See the March 7, 2005, Upfront Teacher's Edition for a graph showing Africa's AIDS orphans.
The projects focus on home-based care, AIDS education, and orphan support.
2005 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), September 29-October 2, 2005, Houston, http://www.