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Several days later, my long-term friend advised me she had purchased a new replacement air bed, expecting me to reimburse her for the $300 cost.
He must lie on an air bed in some Caribbean hotspot in August, gleefully mumbling the chorus "Dubba Dubba dum dum , Dubba Dubba dum ...." Knowing that his secular carol will be seeing him alright Songs about snowmen, however, never seem to end well.
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Here, more modestly, she casts the interior of a hot water bottle while her cast of an air bed is lent from the Tate Gallery an d is therefore already part of our national heritage.
ON SALE TODAY DOUBLE AIR BED Get a comfy night's kip with this waterproof air bed that's fast to inflate and comes in blue or grey.
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The CAB organised a home visit whereupon they discovered that, to keep warm, the man was living in one room and sleeping on an air bed.
My bed and sofas were good buys - particularly after living on an air bed and plastic chairs for the first week!
4 Lycksele chair bed with Akutskar blue striped cover pounds 89,from Ike a 5 Brown bonded leather fibre storage with magazine rack pounds 35,and storage chest pounds 65,from Marks & Spencer 6 Airsprung Stowaway bed from The Cotswold Company.Call: 0870 240 7608 or visit 7 Inflatable air bed from The Cotswold Company