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Those airplanes are channelled through another air corridor further north, which crosses the path of arrivals.
"We are delighted to create a new air corridor and see great potential in Azerbaijan not only for business and investment in the country's vast energy resources as well as the development of the tourism sector for family and independent travel drawing from the Middle East.
For example, the description in Table 1 for attribute change ACC1 indicates that a commercial aircraft was flying in an air corridor prior to the screen blanking, but this aircraft changed course and was off the air corridor when the tactical situation display reappeared.
A new air corridor came into effect at Newcastle last year following demands by local anti-low-flying campaigners.
Funding for the two-year "Clean Air Corridor" project is provided by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).
the reuse of the spinelli barracks is therefore significantly influenced by the development of the green corridor northeast and the fresh air corridor. the federal garden show mannheim in 2023 takes place on the premises of the spinelli barracks and the adjoining luisenpark as the engine for the development and laying of the foundation stone for the planning of the green corridor northeast.
The rail route to Herat, if extended to Kabul, would also link to India's 'air corridor', allowing trade especially dry fruits and agricultural produce to travel along the routes from India to Central Asia and back in a much shorter time.
'We started an air corridor with New Delhi that has been very successful.
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec 27 (ANI): India and Afghanistan on Wednesday inaugurated the second air corridor between Mumbai and Kabul.
Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani speaks during an inauguration of Afghanistan-India Air corridor ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan June 19, 2017.
ISLAMABAD -- The initiative China-Pakistan economic corridor was announced in 2015, its foundations were laid as early as the 1960s with the air corridor, The Karakoram Highway, and later the construction of Gwadar Port.
It has transferred 25 Gazans to Turkey so far and seeks to evacuate 175 others by C-130 planes through an air corridor that was established following intense diplomatic efforts.