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This Clean Air Corridor project is the model Cummins Westport plans to employ to expand the use of LNG-powered heavy-duty trucks in urban centres in Canada and the US.
We are delighted to create a new air corridor and see great potential in Azerbaijan not only for business and investment in the country's vast energy resources as well as the development of the tourism sector for family and independent travel drawing from the Middle East.
Yonhap News Agency and other local media said the soldiers believed the plane was flying north of the normal air corridor.
DEBKAfile reported that what makes the Israeli strike a high possibility is the announcement by Russia that it has distributed S-300 anti-aircraft missiles in a renegade province of Abkhazia, which means this air corridor towards Iran will be blocked for Israeli jet fighters.
France said it would progressively reopen airports and create an air corridor to Paris to ease the transport crisis.
They will also open an air corridor between Seoul and North Korea's tallest peak, Mount Paektu, for tours to the site that is sacred to all Koreans.
Sileo will join a committee composed of elected leaders who will oversee a joint land-use plan aimed at protecting the R-2508 airspace, a massive restricted air corridor that stretches from Edwards along the Sierra Nevada.
The two jets were a few nautical miles away in the same air corridor, said a PIA spokesperson, adding that the PIA aircraft went into a steep dive to avoid a collision.
Cairo International is set to have an additional runway, an extra air corridor and a third terminal.
The near miss took place in a heavily congested air corridor.
When Arens was finally allowed to go, he met with Bush and Baker but found both cold to his demands for a cleared air corridor to Iraq so Israeli warplanes could strike back.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The number of foreign airliners using the Iranian air corridor has considerably increased in recent days and registered a new record on Monday, a senior aviation official announced on Wednesday.