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COURIER. One who is sent on some public occasion as an express, to bear despatches, letters, and other papers.
     2. Couriers sent by an ambassador or other public minister, are protected from arrest or molestation. Vattel, liv. 4, c. 9, Sec. 123.

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These cheap coach seats are made available on popular airlines such as TWA, Air France, and British Airways because "courier companies are in the freight business, not the passenger business," says Kelly Monaghan, author of Air Courier Bargains (The Intrepid Traveler, $14.
Air courier prices, meanwhile, have been enjoying 6% to 7% price hikes.
Tenders are invited for Air Courier Service For Capfs In Ne And J And K Sector Including Delhi Leh Delhi
To learn more about courier services, check out the excellent Insider's Guide to Air Courier Bargains: How to Travel World-Wide for Next to Nothing by Kelly Monaghan (The Intrepid Traveler, New York, $14.
Meanwhile, compared to June 2016, domestic and international air courier prices are up 5.
Tenders are invited for Etenders From Bonafide And Experienced Parties For Supply Of Air Courier Services On Annual Rate Contract Basis