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PILOTAGE, contracts. The compensation given to a pilot for conducting a vessel in or out of port. Poth. Des Avaries, n. 147.
     2. Pilotage is a lien on the ship, when the contract has been made by the master or quasi master of the ship, or some other person lawfully authorized to make it; 1 Mason, R. 508; and the admiralty court has jurisdiction, when services have been performed at sea. Id.; 10 Wheat. 428; 6 Pet. 682; 10 Pet. 108; and see 1 Pet. Adm. Dec. 227.

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The GCAA, he said, has heavily invested in a full and integrated Nationalization Program since 1998 and are actively recruiting UAE National cadets to fill positions on the tough training course at the Training Center at the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre in Abu Dhabi.
The president of the Air Navigation Commission of ICAO, Farid Zizi, also added that their Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) has set goals, including an avionics roadmap that will take 25 years of planning but no guarantee of implementation.
The Ministry of Transport and Communication is setting up a holding company for civil aviation that include Oman Air, Oman Airports Management, Air Navigation (under formation)," the minister tweeted.
Air navigation service providers face a period of significant change in the years ahead, and Martin's proven intention to work closely with employees, customers and stakeholders makes him the right choice to lead the company
Chaired by director of air navigation Ali Ahmed Mohammed, the meeting was attended by 90 participants from 13 countries, including Middle East member states of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), non-Middle Eastern states and seven international organisations from the aviation industry.
The lower fee rate is to provide sufficient revenues to finance the provision of air navigation service, at the same time boosting the competitiveness of the airspace serviced, according to reports of the BGNES news agency.
Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director-General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), and CEO of Dubai Air Navigation Services, warned that these undeliberate irresponsible acts could lead to serious consequences as these UAVs pose a threat to the safety of air navigation and to passengers.
SeeNews) - Dec 10, 2014 -A Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has awarded a dealA for air traffic control software development toA Ifield Computer Consultancy Limited.
The significant air traffic growth in Oman in recent years has led to a crucial need for the expansion and modernisation of airport infrastruture, incluidng the renewal and extension of air navigation aid equipment.
Flight control in the air space above Kosovo has been performed by the Hungarian air navigation service, HungaroControl, since 2011 and this authority will hereafter be assisted by their Macedonian colleagues from MNAV.
From 8 to 17 March, Malaysian aircraft movement was not registered in Kyrgyzstan, press secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Kylychbek Dosumbetov said referring to the Kyrgyz Air Navigation.

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