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PILOTAGE, contracts. The compensation given to a pilot for conducting a vessel in or out of port. Poth. Des Avaries, n. 147.
     2. Pilotage is a lien on the ship, when the contract has been made by the master or quasi master of the ship, or some other person lawfully authorized to make it; 1 Mason, R. 508; and the admiralty court has jurisdiction, when services have been performed at sea. Id.; 10 Wheat. 428; 6 Pet. 682; 10 Pet. 108; and see 1 Pet. Adm. Dec. 227.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It highlights the fact that the US sanctions against Iran is in the field of navigation not only put to risk Iran's flights safety, but also effect the region and beyond as well as the global air navigation plan," he added.
A 7-year EBRD loan of EUR6 million will fund major upgrades of the air navigation service infrastructure at the main airports in the country.
It found that in the air navigation services category, Lebanon implements only 39 percent of those standards, compared with a global average of more than 60 percent.
In the welcome speech at the 2nd edition of Air Traffic Control (ATC) Forum, Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO of Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), said the aviation has been contributing enormously to the economy of Dubai which witnesses an average of 1,500 commercial aircraft movements a day.
The Ministry's Undersecretary for Civil Aviation Affairs, Mohamed Thamir Al Kaabi, said: "This agreement with DFS Aviation Services will enable CAA to carry out its responsibilities at a top standard, enabling our team to gain international experience in the fields of air navigation, aviation safety, regulations and more, and I am pleased that we have been able to build this partnership with a partner as well established as the DFS Group.
He is also a trained Procedure Designer for Procedures regarding Air Navigation Services Operations (PANS-OPS).
The Shaikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre provides air traffic control services to more than 2,500 air traffic movements per day.
Organised by UBM, co-organised by the Civil Aviation Museum, and sponsored by ATMB and supported by Eurocontrol and UVS International, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) shared that Asia is leading global growth and the importance of collaboration and harmonisation, which is the role of ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.
"The Ministry of Transport and Communication is setting up a holding company for civil aviation that include Oman Air, Oman Airports Management, Air Navigation (under formation)," the minister tweeted.
His topics include regulation theory and practice, economic regulation in the transport business, air navigation services, the commercialization of air navigation service providers, the US experience, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, air navigation services provision across the globe, a data envelopment analysis study of European air navigation service providers, and policy implications.
Air navigation services provider NATS has announced the permanent appointment of Martin Rolfe as its new CEO.
MANAMA: The Transportation and Telecommunications Ministry hosted the 15th meeting of the Middle East Regional Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Group.

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