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The key financial officer of a state, private, or Municipal Corporation, who is charged with certain specific responsibilities related to its financial affairs.



See: caretaker, director, employer, principal, superintendent
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In the past few months, there have been multiple reports of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, so I'm thinking that someone who doesn't need a lot of sleep would be an asset to aviation.
As the seconds ticked away, the air traffic controller tried to make contact with the Emirates pilots three times, to no avail.
26 upheld a Tokyo High Court ruling that had found two air traffic controllers guilty of professional negligence in connection with a near hit in 2001, which injured some 100 passengers and crew members aboard a jetliner.
The tournament is a spin-off to a successful football tournament in Europe for air traffic controllers, which has been held every year since 1968 and it is a major event on the social calendar brining together around 1,000 air traffic controllers from across Europe as well as a couple of teams from the US.
However, many studies have shown the existence of a link between the work of air traffic controllers and the symptoms caused by stress: chronic fatigue, headache, digestive disorder, cardiovascular disorder, etc.
Airservices employs more than 1000 air traffic controllers working from two major centres (Melbourne and Brisbane), four terminal control areas, and 29 control towers at international and regional airports all over the country.
The interface for "I am an Air Traffic Controller 3 - Tokyo Big Wing" is sheer programming genius.
The air traffic controller mentioned the white smoke to the captain in English after the emergency landing.
SimiGon's Air Traffic Controller Trainer is based on the Company's SIMbox and AirBook technology.
A RYANAIR jet carrying more than 300 passengers had to abandon a landing after the air traffic controller forgot to turn up for work.
plane arriving in Osaka's Itami airport from Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, on Friday landed on a runway that was not the one directed by an air traffic controller, officials said.
VAN NUYS -- The nation's oldest air traffic controller made his final approach Thursday from the world's busiest general-aviation airport.

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