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Two important results arise from the use of linear elements: 1) weld lines will always be seen on the edge of an element, and 2) air traps must surround a single node.
Jada Plastic engineers use Moldflow software to evaluate and determine gate locations to make sure weld lines will not appear in critical part areas, to eliminate the possibilities of air traps, and to establish accurate pressure fill with regard to gate locations.
Filling a long-unmet need for viable programs to simulate gas flows in thick tubular products, CGI says, the new 3D flow analysis programs enable accurate predictions of material weights and time cycles; more precise simulation of wall thicknesses for assessing product strengths and weaknesses; optimization of materials, plastic feed, and gas injection positions; study of variations related to gas timing; and prediction of blowout situations, weld lines, and air traps.
85 motorized exhaust air traps, including drive motors housed in a coating (heat)
778 A pressure-loss study is a short-shot study on a mold to check the fill pattern for air traps, flow-front acceleration, uniform filling, and balance of fill.
Everyday, companies use Moldflow to identify and resolve typical design issues such as air traps, weld lines, sink marks, voids, warpage and distortion.
The Willamette Valley is caught in a weather inversion, where warm, dry air traps the cool air below it in a stagnant pocket.

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