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The ACS initiative will merge and improve the capabilities of the Army's Guardrail Common Sensor and Airborne Reconnaissance Low systems into a single multifunction platform, and eventually replace those legacy airborne ISR systems.
Contract Awarded for Design, produce, integrate and test for the Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Enhanced (ARL-E) program of record
Lockheed Martin has deployed such sensors--low-frequency radars that can peer through thick leaves--to South America for years, said Mark Grablin, director of airborne reconnaissance systems for the company.
Experts are working on the Heterogeneous Airborne Reconnaissance Team system to help create a network of data links for unmanned aerial vehicles.
The company said its Heterogeneous Airborne Reconnaissance Team system will allow fighter planes to use handheld computers to request video of areas that might be hostile territory or contain enemy positions.
Coale is the commander of the Reconnaissance Systems Wing, responsible for managing the development, production, and fielding of Air Force airborne reconnaissance systems.
The squadron's missions included close air support (CAS) sorties with an embedded airborne forward air controller (FAC(A)) capability, utilizing the Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (ATARS) and the Litening Advanced Targeting (AT) Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) pod.
Unlike other real-time reconnaissance systems, the BAE Systems (Greenlawn, NY) Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (ATARS) has already been used operationally.
The DoD proposed that sensor and technology processing progress should provide the opportunity to serve the ever-increasing demand for information and a program to "develop, acquire and integrate unmanned airborne reconnaissance aircraft into the force structure at a rapid, hut prudent, pace" should be pursued aggressively.

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