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Gently he turned the knob and pushed the door ajar.
The gate was ajar, and he sent the house-boy to close it.
The door to the TRANSCONTINENTAL office was ajar, and Martin, in the act of opening it, was brought to a sudden pause by a loud voice from within, which exclaimed:- "But that is not the question, Mr.
Saakashvili wanted to be sure that the Ajars would not seize the opportunity provided by his war in South Ossetia to organise an anti-Georgian uprising of their own.
The new rulers in Tbilisi believe that freedom and democracy is good only for ethnic Georgians, not for ethnic minorities such as the Ajars.
The Persians had allowed the Ajars to continue practising their ancestral rites or convert to Christianity.
By the end of the Ottoman rule, more than 90 per cent of Ajars had become Muslims.
In the past two to three years, however, those hopes have been all but dashed as Saakashvili has pursued a Georgian chauvinistic policy towards ethnic and religious minorities, including the Ajars.
Byline: Saakashvili has done little to address Ajar grievances, including their demand for meaningful autonomy