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The Fund employs a bottom-up, value-oriented investment approach, and a sophisticated quantitative model, leveraging the extensive experience of the seven-person investment team, led by AJO Founder and Managing Principal Ted Aronson.
We are pleased the safety and efficacy results of our pivotal clinical trial have been reported in highly regarded scientific journals like the AJO.
The moderate, two-mile trail affords views of the two arches formed in the rocks of Ajo Mountain and offers new perspectives on the surrounding canyons, which are much more substantial than they appear from the road.
The fifth spot was sealed by Jonas Folger, who lost the control and swung wide in the middle of the race but regained the ground enough to beat Malaysian Zulfahmi Khairuddin from Red Bull KTM Ajo to the sixth spot.
Des la premiere chicane, deux pilotes etaient par terre - Ajo, deja et le Sud Africain Brad Binder alors que le Malaisien Zulfahmi Khairuddin, parti de la 4e ligne grillait la politesse a tout le monde pour s'elancer en tete.
Consider also, ajo okwu (a bad utterance or speech) and okwu oma (a good utterance or speech), etc.
The Ajo and Sasabe Block I deployments will be used "to make downstream decisions about how much more of this system we should deploy," he added.
In the United States Air Force, he worked on a radar base in Ajo, AZ, earning the rank of Captain.
Other plants are added to the mixture depending on the tribal customs and region, including chiricsanango, or Brunfelsia grandifolia; sacha ajo, or Mansoa alliacea; limon, or Citrus limon, and others.
php) did not differ substantially from long-term averages for Ajo (21, 33, 38, and 26[degrees]C in winter, spring, summer, and autumn, respectively; Western Regional Climate Center, http://www.
Se ofrecen cuatro variedades de ingredientes: Supreme con hortalizas asadas: Trio de carne con ajo asado; pepperoni; y cuatro quesos.
Ali Shah 60, Yunus 36, Alwan 2 for 22) Buddy's XI 149 for 8 in 20 overs (Ivan 33,Rony33, Ajo 28, Shafaqat 3 for 16, Rashid 2 for 37) Man of the Match: Ali Shah of ENOC