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In contrast to Oregon delegates, Alabamans expressed a more dire and personal political disposition.
On the topic of improved and expanded flood insurance, Legislative Counsel Christopher Jackson said the Senator has heard from many Alabamans who are voicing similar concerns.
White Unionists tended to be middling farmers rather than the poorest agriculturalists, he notes, although a good number of postwar Republicans "had much less property on average than most white Alabamans and many fewer slaves" (227).
This second occupation was far harsher than the first and slowly but steadily--just as "a continued dropping of water will wear away a rock"--wore down the Alabamans' enthusiasm for independence.
As noted, economic or geographic access problems may place some Alabamans at risk of inadequate care.
Perhaps he can take solace in the fact that his short life left an important legacy for Auburn fans, Alabamans and all Americans: the citizen's duty to serve, and to ask if the mission he or she is asked to accomplish is morally and politically correct.
Sappington, in which the Alabama Supreme Court, using the traditional approach, had refused to apply Alabama tort law to Alabamans who got into an accident in another state.
(It is always well to remember that Illinois alone would not have changed the outcome, in any case.) On the other, he wants to argue that Kennedy did not really win the popular vote at all, because several hundred thousand Alabamans voted for unpledged Democratic electors who, in fact, cast their electoral votes for Virginia Senator Harry E Byrd.
He was prepping it to be shipped to Alabama, removing time-wasting safety features, which apparently Alabamans did not need.
Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Alabamans are obviously aware of the potential for hurricane impact, particularly along the coast where a direct hit could be expected to do the most damage.
Alabama is near the top of the range with almost one third of all Alabamans being obese (30.9%) compared to a national prevalence (26.3%).
WE RE going to begin our project on famous Minnesotans!" Or Alabamans, or__(you fill in the blank).