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ALABAMA. The name of one of the new states of the United States of America. This state was admitted into the Union by the resolution of congress, approved December 14th, 1819, 3 Sto. L. U. S. 1804, by which it is resolved that the state of Alabama shall be one, and is hereby declared to be one of the United States of America, and admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original states, in all respects whatever. The convention which framed the constitution in this state, assembled at the town of Huntsville on Monday the fifth day of July, 1819, and continued in session by adjournment, until the second day of August, 1819, when the constitution was adopted.
     2. The powers of the government are divided by the constitution into three distinct, departments; and each of them confided to a separate body of magistracy, to wit: those which are legislative, to one; those which are executive, to another; and those which are judicial, to a third. Art. 2,
     3.-1. The legislative power of the state is vested in two distinct branches; the one styled the senate, the other the house of representatives, and both together, the general assembly of the state of Alabama. 1. The senate is never to be less than one-fourth nor more than one-third of the whole number of representatives. Senators are chosen by the qualified electors for the term of three years, at the same time, in the same manner, and at the same place, where they vote for members of the house of representatives; one-third of the whole number of senators are elected every year. Art. 3, s. 12. 2. The house of representatives is to consist of not less than forty-four, nor more than sixty members, until the number of white inhabitant's shall be one hundred thousand; and after that event, the whole number of representatives shall never be less than sixty, nor more than one hundred. Art. 3, B. 9. The members of the house of representatives are chosen by the qualified electors for the term of one year, from the commencement of the general election, and no longer.
     4.-2. The supreme executive power is vested in a chief magistrate, styled the governor of the state of Alabama. He is elected by the qualified electors, at the time and places when they respectively vote for representatives; he holds his office for the term of two years from the time of his installation, and until a successor is duly qualified; and is not eligible more than four years in any term of six years. t. 4. He is invested, among other things, with the veto power. Ib. s. 16. In cases of vacancies, the president of the senate acts as governor. Art. 4, s. 18.
     5.-3. The judicial power is vested in one supreme court, circuit courts to be held in each county in the state, and such inferior courts of law and, equity, to consist of not more than five members, as the general assembly may, from time to time direct, ordain, and establish. Art. 6, S. 1.

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In contrast to Oregon delegates, Alabamans expressed a more dire and personal political disposition.
On the topic of improved and expanded flood insurance, Legislative Counsel Christopher Jackson said the Senator has heard from many Alabamans who are voicing similar concerns.
White Unionists tended to be middling farmers rather than the poorest agriculturalists, he notes, although a good number of postwar Republicans "had much less property on average than most white Alabamans and many fewer slaves" (227).
Alabamans recognized that secession had failed and that slavery was over, but they remained fiercely determined to protect white supremacy and willingly used violence and terror to achieve it.
Alabamans also voted on lawmakers' pay, supporting a measure tying the basic compensation plan for the Legislature to the median household income in the state.
He was prepping it to be shipped to Alabama, removing time-wasting safety features, which apparently Alabamans did not need.
Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Alabamans are obviously aware of the potential for hurricane impact, particularly along the coast where a direct hit could be expected to do the most damage.
Alabama is near the top of the range with almost one third of all Alabamans being obese (30.
CC: I feel bad for some of the Alabamans, Mississippians, and South Carolinians I know because they get a certain Deep South label what with being in the heart of the old Confederacy and all.
We hope the church leaders can waken their fellow Alabamans to the moral damage done when forgiveness and justice are so ruthlessly denied.
The two sides love to hate each other, yet when tragedy strikes, as it did in April, an entire state becomes one and chants of "Roll Tide" or "War Eagles" are put aside--at least until the fall--so all Alabamans can help one another.
The nuptials of Alabamans Larry Slater and Jeremy Erdreichthey were already legally married, while a religious ceremony is next weekendwill in the end be recognized by both religious and legal authorities: They were married in Massachusetts, one of the five states that fully recognize same-sex marriages; and their religious ceremony will be at Birmingham's Temple Emanu-El, a Reform shul and therefore one that, under Reform doctrine, also recognizes same-sex marriages.