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ALCADE, Span. law. The name of a judicial officer in Spain, and in those countries which have received the body of their laws from those of Spain.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Police said that San Pedro was then sideswiped by Alcade, leading to his head injury.
The policeman added that Alcade refused to run away or even back down as Alfredo Tenoso, 38, shot him in front of his house around 1 p.m.
As others go about their busy days, the woman on bed rest must rely on others and restrict her own movements (Alcade, 2011).
In addition to the characters of Tota, Mullisheg, and Bashaw Alcade, the play also contains the black characters Bashaw Joffer, A Negro, A Guard of Moors, and the Lieutenant.
Dans ce contexte, Carmen Alcade (2007) souligne l'existence dans l'Espagne franquiste d'un controle non seulement de l'apparence, mais aussi de la sexualite: <<interdiction d'embrasser un garcon dans la rue, fiancailles longues--de 4 a 6 ans, institutionnalisees et durables, et virginite jusqu'au mariage>>).
Participants (n = 90) were family caregivers of an individual with TBI recruited from the Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcade in Guadalajara, Mexico, in accordance with Institutional Review Board approval at that facility.