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Apart from these, metal cans and PET bottles are also being used for alcoholic drinks packaging.
But when they drank alcohol in the setting where they'd previously had the alcoholic drink, the number dropped to six.
He added: "Our research in Wales has found that many pubs strongly promote alcoholic drinks, but don't promote soft drinks in the same way.
Public health spokesman David Rogers said: "An average pint of beer has around 250 calories in it and yet most alcoholic drinks don't have to put any kind of ingredient labelling on cans and bottles.
We would let an adult order an alcoholic drink with a meal and another drink after that but we don't want children there bored while adults drink.
We were basically told that we could only have more alcoholic drinks if the two-year-old and the mother left.
Among the country awards, cheese products did well, triumphing among four countries' line-ups, while alcoholic drinks took pride of place for another four collections, as did juice drinks.
The statistics, based on Defra's Expenditure and Food Survey, show the average quantity of alcoholic drinks consumed per person over 13 years old is 0.
The researchers, from Binghamton University in the US, said their findings heightened warnings to parents to keep alcoholic drinks away from infants.
We have health warnings on packets of cigarettes, a proposed tax on fatty foods and now the Government is talking about putting warnings on alcoholic drinks.
Consequently, the alcoholic beverage industry has since begun marketing a greater variety of what it calls ''non-alcohol beer'' or ''non-alcohol wine'' due to the liquor tax law, which does not classify beverages having alcoholic content of less than 1% as alcoholic drinks.
The bill would allow counties to ask voters to approve the tax on alcoholic drinks consumed on premises where they are sold, such as bars and restaurants.