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ALIENAGE. The condition or state of alien.

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The requirement of alienage, central to the definition of refugee in art 1A(2) of the Refugee Convention, lies at the heart of the differentiation between refugees and internally displaced persons.
All of these technologies of alienage are evident in the years before the May attack.
at 1548 ("Race, gender, alienage, and illegitimacy can all be changed, yet discrimination on the basis of any of these categories compels heightened scrutiny by the courts.
Defense Industry Security Clearance Office, the Ninth Circuit repeated this language almost verbatim, asserting that Homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic; it is behavioral and hence is fundamentally different from traits such as race, gender, or alienage, which define already existing suspect and quasi-suspect classes" (573).
216) The analysis becomes more complicated, however, when the federal government authorizes states to discriminate based on alienage.
Curtis Bradley has argued, for example, that the ATS may well have been intended simply to implement Article Ill's alienage jurisdiction.
like classifications based upon race, alienage, and national
365, 372 (1971) ("[State] classifications based on alienage, like those based on nationality or race, are inherently suspect and subject to close judicial scrutiny.
107) Yet this interpretation leaves no room for the application of anything other than state or federal law and therefore excludes foreign law in alienage cases.
Court started to invalidate alienage laws as an impermissible regulation
114) By the time alienage (as opposed to naturalization) (115) legislation came onto the agenda in the form of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, the threshold had been raised to fourteen years.