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ALIENAGE. The condition or state of alien.

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On November 9, apparently alerted to the formal problem with his earlier registration, Vecht made a correct declaration of alienage.
Despite the general application of strict scrutiny to alienage classifications, the Supreme Court has held that Congress may adopt federal classifications disadvantaging noncitizens that might violate equal protection if the same classifications were adopted by states.
As Professor Rick Su has pointed out, noncitizen migration into and out of the United States and the movement of immigrants within the United States implicate different borders, as well as boundary differences between regulating immigration and regulating immigrants (either under laws of general applicability or under alienage law); many problems arise from confusing these two different layers of regulatory power and conflating these boundaries.
finding that classifications based on alienage "are inherently
This position has the additional appeal of bringing a law of nations claim brought by an alien under the ATS within the Article III alienage jurisdiction, dissolving any doubt about the constitutionality of such ATS suits.
However, after determining that classifications based on alienage are subject to strict scrutiny, the Court later retreated and found that under certain circumstances classifications based on alienage are only subject to the lesser rational basis standard of review.
As a result of today's arrests and search warrant, hundreds of MBI employees will be interviewed carefully to determine their alienage and immigration status.
basis of alienage also undermines effective fighting in the war on
402 violated the Medicaid statute, which did not include an express alienage requirement).
Muslims in the United States: Is Alienage a Distinction Without a
365, 371-72 (1971) ("[T]he Court's decisions have established that classifications based on alienage, like those based on nationality or race, are inherently suspect and subject to close judicial scrutiny.