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ALITER, otherwise. This term is frequently used to point out a difference between two decisions; as, a point of law has been decided in a particular way, in such a case, aliter in another case.

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After a nine-month wait we met our daughter, Alita, in Guatemala, on Dec.
Alita Randazzo, also suffering from colorectal cancer, spent years flying to France to get Eloxatin, which had been approved there but not yet in the U.
Mongkol Uiprasertkul, * Rungrueng Kitphati, ([dagger]) Pilaipan Puthavathana, * Romchat Kriwong, * Alita Kongchanagul, * Kumnuan Ungchusak, ([dagger]) Suwimon Angkasekwinai, ([double dagger]) * Kanittar Srisook, * Nirun Vanprapar, * and Prasert Auewarakul *
Hashimoto Forming and Alita agreed to integrate operations as Nissan Motor is reviewing its network of suppliers.
To many, Vicki was the world's most famous champion of animal rights, saving donkeys, bulls and goats from unspeakable deaths, while retaining a particular love for her own cats at home - Tolly, Thomas Chip, Tiny and Alita.
Butcher's estranged wife Judy, 35, finished with him when DNA tests proved he had fathered Mia just 11 months after Judy gave birth to their own daughter Alita in 1999.
The couple have a daughter Alita, two, and Judy said: "Mark is a great dad.
Bullets now face a third-place play-off against either Alita of Lithuania or Grodno-93 of Belarus.
The date and venue of next month's tournament has not been set, but Bullets know they will first play Odessa from the Ukraine, with the tournament completed by Alita of Lithuania and the winners of next week's final group.
Here her pity for black people and her belief that they must be "primitive" in all their actions and reactions is clear, but perhaps because the stories derive from the actions of a real woman, she cannot refrain from showing Alita to be noble, even at times heroic, though she is childish enough to long for a black shawl with fringes to wear on Sundays.
I limit myself to offering the opinions of these distinguished readers, while adding that Maureen Ahern has suggested team translation into English as a solution, though Alita Kelley asks if I realize just what rhetorical problems such an enterprise could involve.