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ALITER, otherwise. This term is frequently used to point out a difference between two decisions; as, a point of law has been decided in a particular way, in such a case, aliter in another case.

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Kershner - Alita Jean Kershner, 75, of Elmira, died March 27.
Pam is shown here with 2014-2015 Chapter President Alita Kay and 2015-2016 Chapter President Ms.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Royal Unibrew A/S, Druskininku Rasa (Selita), Carlsberg Denmark, Volfas Engelman, AB Alita
Her young daughter, Alita, is about to move into the crowded home after being looked after by her grandparents.
De este texto de un poco mas de ciento cincuenta versos, citamos: "Hablo por mi diferencia/Defiendo lo que soy/ Y no soy tan raro/ Me apesta la injusticia/Y sospecho de esta cueca democratica/ Pero no me hable del proletariado/ Porque ser pobre y maricon es peor", terminando con los siguientes versos: "A usted le doy este mensaje/ Y nos es por mi/ Yo estoy viejo/ Y su utopia es para las generaciones futuras/ Hay tantos ninos que van a nacer/ Con una alita rota/Y yo quiero que vuelen companero/ Que su revolucion/ Les de un pedazo de cielo rojo/ Para que puedan volar".
Ambassadors of Egypt Gady al-Gannam, Vietnam - Fam Van Fao, India - Vikram Doraisvami and Indonesia - Alita Santika delivered the credentials to the head of Uzbekistan on January 7.
The bodies of Alita Knott, 47, and her husband Julian Knott, 45, were discovered on Sunday morning in Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania.
Alita Petrof joins the fun as their feathered friend in September 1988 ?
Alita USA Holdings, a Dubai-based startup company, plans to build a 340,000 sq-ft mill in Buffalo, NY that will produce 150,000 tons of steel pipe for the oil and natural gas industry.
Alita Benson, easyJet's group people director, said: 'We are delighted to be opening the recruitment process for easyJet's 2014 Graduate Recruitment Programme.
A "Children in the Arts" contest, started by Alita Brown 30 years ago at the very first Toast, is open to any fourth- through sixth-grader from any school--public or private--along the Gulf Coast.
Indeed, some believe the Elysium plot has been hijacked from the Japanese manga series Battle Angel Alita that Cameron has long had on his back burner.