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ALITER, otherwise. This term is frequently used to point out a difference between two decisions; as, a point of law has been decided in a particular way, in such a case, aliter in another case.

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The alite is the most abundant mineral in Portland cement at 40-60% of the total.
3]A content (A: alite, B: belite, C: calcite, and P: portlandite) and (b) Peak intensity for the Friedel's salt.
Alite is a former multi-millionaire drug dealer who was also one of the most ruthless mob killers in modern times.
Sam- IS Anh- IS Ara- IS Ca- IS Do- IS IS H- ples ydrite gonite lcite lomite Gyps alite E1 -1.
Alite Group, LLC (2009), Getting a Mark is no Longer Enough: Valuation Risk Go beyond Pricing, Published by Thomson Reuters.
the potential to make a material contribution to WMD or cruise or ballistic missiles) --Beijing Alite Weapons Proliferation: December 27, 2004 Technologies Company for two years Ltd.
Alite and belite determine most of the adhesive properties, strength, and durability of Portland cement.
After the induction period, the crystallisation of calcium hydrate and accelerated hydration of alite results in a considerable growth of viscosity of the paste.
Le pere presume d'un jeune homme qui revendiquait son droit a la filiation a saisi la HAICA de l'affaire , contestant les conditions du tournage par l'equipe de l'emission, et invoquant sa maladie , il etait alite et peu informe sur le sujet du reportage fait par l'equipe de television.
Des photos du militant le montrant alite a l'hopital, le visage meurtri, ont circule sur les reseaux sociaux et des activistes l'ont presente comme le nouveau Khaled Said, battu et tue par la police en 2010, et devenu depuis un symbole de la lutte contre les brutalites policieres.