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2002) A new protocol for the enantioselective synthesis of methyl-substituted alkanols and their derivatives through a hydroalumination/zirconium-catalyzed alkylalumination tandem process.
0 software was used together with the AM1 method for optimization of the conformation of the molecules of alkanols under study.
KG (Duesseldorf, Germany) has patented processes for preparing conjugated linoleic acid wherein a conjugated linoleic acid lower alkyl ester is subjected to hydrolysis in the presence of an enzyme to form a hydrolyzate comprising a conjugated linoleic acid and a lower alkanol, wherein at least a portion of the lower alkanol is continuously removed; the hydrolyzate is separated into an organic phase and an aqueous/alcoholic phase; and the conjugated linoleic acid is separated from the organic phase.
The method used a Dionex AS4A-SC column with an alkanol quaternary ammonium functional group, 13-[micro]m-diameter particles with 160-nm-diameter latex beads with 0.