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This finding of an inverse association between sleep duration and all-cause mortality was consistent with the investigators' study hypothesis that short sleep duration in hypertensive patients may be a marker of the severity of autonomic dysfunction.
These polymorphisms affect plasma concentrations of C-reactive protein (CRP) and were included in genetic analyses as a negative control on all-cause mortality (23).
Higher All-Cause Mortality with Severe Sleep Apnea Moderate to severe(n = 18) 33.
Relation between aspirin dose, all-cause mortality, and bleeding in patients with recent cerebrovascular or coronary ischemic events (from the BRAVO Trial).
After adjusting for age, physical activity, smoking, alcohol intake, body mass index, baseline medical conditions, and family history of cardiovascular disease, hazard ratios across incremental thirds of muscular strength for all-cause mortality were 1.
Mortality per 1,000 Patients HAQ Score Less Than 1 1-2 Greater Than 2 (n = 590) (n = 331) (n = 89) All-Cause Mortality Baseline 11.
For beta-carotene, all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality were slightly higher in the actively treated group than in the control group--odds ratio (OR)=1.
He and his coinvestigators decided to plot all-cause mortality versus average blood pressure in the SEAS cohort because of the paucity of data regarding blood pressure and antihypertensive therapy in patients with asymptomatic AS.
low-intake groups, the risk of all-cause mortality was significantly lower in the usual-intake group, but stroke and heart disease risks were the same for both groups.
of Columbia University Medical Center, New York, and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 11 clinical trials (a total of 43,191 participants) to examine whether statin therapy was more effective than placebo in preventing recurrence of cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality in men and women.
study has investigated the diet's effect on all-cause mortality or on cause-specific mortality, the researchers noted in their Archives of Internal Medicine article.