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Since it is the natives (those who "would crawl") who have degraded Kurtz ("he is crawling on all-fours"), Kurtz must "[e]xterminate all the brutes," "lest they teach" other Chosen Europeans "to make any such abominable offerings as they [the Africans] make to their gods, and you thus sin against the Lord, your God." Kurtz's decision to use the word "brutes" is important.
The on-the-side maneuver may be more acceptable than the "all-fours" maneuver to obstetricians, however, since most of us are unaccustomed to delivering patients upside down!
Asanas that position the mom in a crawling posture (all-fours) help to relieve back pain.
From the "all-fours" position, the athlete will push the board for a designated distance with as much speed as possible.
So I was going instantly from being a girl-friend to being an animal on all-fours."
POSITION THREE PRACTISE your deep breathing and slowly release yourself until you reach the all-fours position you started with(See Position Four).
If by getting down on all-fours was another immature gesture directed towards Graeme Le Saux then you could just about understand what all the fuss was about.
They had Bronner down there tied down on his all-fours, and de men was taking turns wid dat bull whip" (728-29).
Brielle still needs minimal to moderate assistance-25 percent to 50 percent of the skill must be done for her in positions where she has to hold her body against gravity, such as being in ab all-fours (hands and knees) position.
The Back Bridge - Cat is a common pregnancy exercise where one arches her back by tucking in the pelvis in an all-fours position.
Do they ever wonder why their masters walk upright in lieu of going on all-fours? and why they talk instead of grunting?" (136).
In an all-fours position, the pelvic tilt is an effective stretch for the low back.