All Fours

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All Fours

Identical; similar.

All fours specifically refers to two cases or decisions that have similar fact patterns and raise identical legal issues. Since the circumstances leading to their individual determinations are virtually the same, the decision rendered by the court in each case will be similar. Such cases or decisions are said to be on all fours with each other.

ALL FOURS. This is a metaphorical expression, to signify that a case agrees in all its circumstances with another case; it goes as it were upon its four legs, as an animal does.

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If by getting down on all-fours was another immature gesture directed towards Graeme Le Saux then you could just about understand what all the fuss was about.
They had Bronner down there tied down on his all-fours, and de men was taking turns wid dat bull whip" (728-29).
Brielle still needs minimal to moderate assistance-25 percent to 50 percent of the skill must be done for her in positions where she has to hold her body against gravity, such as being in ab all-fours (hands and knees) position.
The Back Bridge - Cat is a common pregnancy exercise where one arches her back by tucking in the pelvis in an all-fours position.
In an all-fours position, the pelvic tilt is an effective stretch for the low back.
One such photo showed the reality star naked and posed on all-fours.
Ms Evans said: "He was still moving - he was on all-fours - as Mr Storey ran to get a fire extinguisher.
As two officers question him, his mate, clearly worse for wear, gradually slumps onto all-fours in the background - despite it being only 4.
The next thing Jo is coming through the bedroom door on all-fours.
There were beach-themed activities such as crab football on all-fours, and the children also enjoyed pretending to be scorpions and spiders.
In front five out, he looked sure to succeed until making a mess of the last fence and landing on all-fours and was narrowly outpointed by Truckers Tavern.