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Allegiant Air offers low-cost, nonstop service to three other destinations from Eugene: Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Francisco-Oakland area.
Through its subsidiary, Allegiant Air, LLC, the Company operates a low-cost, high-efficiency, all-jet passenger airline offering air travel both on a stand-alone basis and bundled with hotel rooms, rental cars and other travel related services.
If Allegiant continues to stonewall in negotiations and continues to disregard the federal court's injunction ordering it to restore the pilots' work rules, then a pilot strike at Allegiant Air will be very realistic.
org, "because Allegiant Air caters for under-served populations in the country, not just the big cities like New York, Chicago, et cetera.
Levy, president of Allegiant Travel Company, the owner of Allegiant Air.
Allegiant Travel Company subsidiary Allegiant Air will launch Row 44's Video-On-Demand service on all of its Boeing 757 aircraft.
The new nonstop Allegiant Air flight "will be a good thing for the market - 300 seats a week going down to Los Angeles," Airport Director Tim Doll said Tuesday at the event.
The introduction of the 757 aircraft will enable Allegiant Air to expand its leisure travel strategy into Hawaii.
Allegiant Air is the first airline company offering and selling Monorail tickets at a discounted price to passengers while in-flight to Las Vegas.
Issuing a statement, Airport President and Chief Executive Michael Landguth revealed, Allegiant Air is a great addition to the variety of air carriers currently operating at RDU.
Pilots at Allegiant Air, represented by the Airline Professionals Association (APA) Teamsters Local 1224, voted 465-8 to authorize a strike against Allegiant Air.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Teamster pilots with Allegiant Air are conducting informational picketing today in an effort to bring awareness to their plight for investments into Allegiant Air's operational systems, basic industry averages in salary and for other job protection measures that are standard in the airline industry.