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noun accordance, adhesion, affiliation, agreement, alignment, amalgamation, association, band, bloc, cartel, centralization, chain, coalescence, coalition, combination, combine, compact, company, concert, confederacy, conformity, conjunction, connection, connivance, consolidation, consortium, contract, convention, cooperative, corporation, covenant, fusion, integration, junction, league, merger, pact, partnership, peace, pool, rapprochement, relationship, sodality, syndicate, treaty, trust, union
See also: adhesion, affiliation, agreement, association, band, cartel, centralization, chain, coaction, coalescence, coalition, cohabitation, collusion, committee, compact, concert, confederacy, conformity, conjunction, connection, connivance, consortium, contact, contract, contribution, cooperative, corporation, federation, integration, kinship, league, loyalty, marriage, matrimony, merger, mutual understanding, nexus, organization, pact, partnership, peace, pool, propinquity, rapport, rapprochement, relation, society, sodality, syndicate, treaty, understanding

ALLIANCE, relationship. The union or connexion of two persons or families by marriage, which is also called affinity. This is derived from the Latin preposition ad and ligare, to bind. Vide Inst 1, 10, 6; Dig 38, 10, 4, 3; and Affinity.

ALLIANCE, international law. A contract, treaty, or league between two sovereigns or states, made to insure their safety and common defence.
     2. Alliances made for warlike purposes are divided in general into defensive and offensive; in the former the nation only engages to defend her ally in case he be attacked; in the latter she unites with him for the purpose of making an attack, or jointly waging the war against another nation. Some alliances are both offensive and defensive; and there seldom is an offensive alliance which is not also defensive. Vattel, B. 3, c. 6, Sec. 79; 2 Dall. 15.

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While most of the analysts attribute the failure to the weak and non-performing activity of the Romanian Democratic Convention, the coordinator of the election campaign, Dan Capalana (Emil Constantinescu's next counselor in 1996 and former member in the Civic Alliance Party's leadership), analyzes other two reasons: "the insufficient presence of the Civic Alliance Party in pre-electoral political life, comparatively to the potential of liking which the party held at its establishment" and "the division between the Civic Alliance and the Civic Alliance Party".
And in a no-holds-barred attack on the Alliance party, they add: "The LCC particularly warns all unionists and loyalists against voting for Alliance Party candidates.
Mr Ford said: "I think if there is any message which should go out, it is that the Alliance Party is working to save the Agreement.
NORTHERN Ireland's Alliance Party last night agreed to change the designation of its assembly members to unionist to solve the political crisis at Stormont.
But at the eleventh hour the Alliance Party said it was prepared to temporarily change its spots from neutral to unionist.
But with radical reforms of the voting structures not yet guaranteed, Alliance Party leader David Ford said he was not yet in a position to take that step.
NUNEATON-born film-maker Ken Loach will tonight be revealed as one of the secret weapons of the Socialist Alliance party.
The former head of the New Alliance Party, a now-defunct left-wing organization described by critics as a political cult, insists that gay men and lesbians should support Buchanan's bid for the Reform Party ticket despite his stances.
DAVID Ford will step down as leader of the Alliance Party in the North today to make way for new blood.
During and after the clashes, police forces launched an arrest campaign, leading to the detention of the farmers, along with two members of the Socialist Popular Alliance party (SPAP).

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