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ALLISION, maritime law. The running of one vessel against another. It is distinguished from collision in this, that the latter means the running of two vessels against each other; this latter term is frequently used for allision.

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When asked what artists and galleries in the UAE and across the region could learn from their New York peers in order to push their current momentum even further, Allision offered the following observation: "There must be a place and a means for artists to have time and space to experiment, rigorously, with their practice, their medium, and their concepts, without too much concern about commercial sales.
vessels to avoid allision with known subsea hazards, [5] by failing to
For example, clear navigation markers and systems help prevent groundings, collisions or allisions, injuries, and spills.
Allision departed feeling "bitterly disappointed" while Garnett is likely to be confirmed as the manager's No 2.
Paul Jaeger, Jennifer Golbeck, Allision Druin and Kenneth Fleischmann report on the objectives of the workshop, the key topics that were discussed, and the conclusions of the workshop participants about the strengths and challenges of iSchool doctoral education.
However, the most board's most prominent members were publisher John Sengstacke and educator Allision Davis.
In lawsuit between only Mexican parties arising out of Mexican vessel's allision with Mexican drilling rig, Fifth Circuit affirms exercise of U.
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The 466 delivers power to the CXT via an Allision 2500 five-speed automatic transmission.
The perceived "safety net" is removed and the students are allowed to carry the exercise to its ultimate outcome, whether their commands result in collision, allision, or grounding.
2) A decade or more before John Witherspoon imported Scottish principles to Princeton, Francis Allision was teaching them in Philadelphia.