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Free; not subject to the rights of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal.

A description given to the outright ownership of land that did not impose upon its owner the performance of feudal duties.



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These individuals acknowledge the land to be under the allodial ownership of a larger community of which they are members.
He believed that the rights of man--inherent, universal, and inalienable--were written in the book of Nature." (28) In the Declaration of Independence, however, property is omitted from the list of mankind's "inalienable rights." (Compare the parallel passage in Mason's "Virginia Declaration of Rights.") Property is established by society, and Jefferson's preference for allodial over feudal land tenure is based on "what he read and believed about the Saxons," not a Lockean theory he did not mention and implicitly rejected.
Similarly, on the occasion of the property valuation for donations in 1770, the attention paid to the compilation of the library's inventory (7)--in sharp contrast to the carelessness that characterized similar documents (8)--reflects the 'importance that the library must have had among the goods of the Acquaviva's allodial properties' (Sodano, 2012: 234).
Even the policy of exempting the nobility from taxation was not uniform across France; in some provinces the main tax, the taille, was assessed on persons, with nobles exempt, while in other provinces the taille was assessed primarily on allodial property held without overlordship or feudal obligation--which made noblemen holding such non-feudal lands liable for paying taxes on them.
In such cases, the allodial titles (i.e the overall ownership) stay with the chiefs but the management functions are held by the state that finally leased the land to GOPDC.
Hepburn's main argument in the context of recognition of radical title is that in order to promote a pluralist property culture, the complete abolition of the feudal doctrine of tenure and its replacement with an allodial system of landholding is necessary.
Note that allodial holdings as I have described them contain a built-in model of maturation.
Norway's land laws are codified in the Law of Allodial Rights, the Land Act and the Concession Act.
This also applied to Estland, Livland and Kurland as the "old Russian territories" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (74), or the "ancient allodial lands of Russian rulers" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (75), Russia's property ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) "reclaimed" in 1710-1795.
Marx further criticized Kovalevsky's claims that the imposition of the Islamic land tax or Kharaj on the Indian peasantry had converted hitherto allodial into feudal property.
His trainer Robert Collet has also entered Allodial Land.
A funereal tablet from the Roman catacombs tells us of the Jew named Rufinus who campaigned in the ranks for 25 years before retiring to an allodial settlement near the place of his birth.