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A portion, share, or division. The proportionate distribution of shares of stock in a corporation. The partition and distribution of land.


noun adsignatio, allocation, annuity, appointment, apportionment, appropriation, arrangement, assignment, assignment by share, designation, disposal, disposition, distribution, distribution by lot, dole, ordering, partition, portion, proportion, ration
Associated concepts: allotment certificate, allotment note, allotment system
See also: alimony, annuity, appointment, apportionment, arrangement, budget, circulation, classification, commission, consignment, disbursement, dispensation, distribution, dividend, division, dower, endowment, equity, fee, grant, installment, interest, loan, moiety, order, payment, pension, proportion, quantity, quota, ration, remittance, share, subsidy

ALLOTMENT. Distribution by lot; partition. Merl. Rep. h.t.

References in classic literature ?
he ought also to consider whether his allotment of the houses will be useful to the community, for he appoints two houses to each person, separate from each other; but it is inconvenient for a person to inhabit two houses.
In response to a petition on allotments, Minister for Communities Stephen Williams said: This government actively supports allotments and since 2010 the total amount of allotment provision has actually increased.
Sgt Kevin Hall of Chester-le-Street Police said: "Basically, this is Neighbourhood Watch for allotments.
From August 4, National Allotments Week will show others just why allotments are so loved, with commemorative events and grow-your-own celebrations.
It saddens me to hear so many people saying these rent increases may force them to give up their allotments," he said.
POLICE have arrested two people after shed burglaries at allotments in Gateshead.
RESIDENTS in the Vale of Glamorgan are to be asked for their views on a five-year strategy to provide more land for allotments.
THE National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners was launched as a members' co-operative in 1901 and even today the society is owned, managed and funded by its members in order to protect, promote and preserve allotments for future generations to enjoy.
ALLOTMENTS could be wiped out for ever by a government move to strip away a legal requirement for the sites.
THE image of allotments has come a long way since Arthur Fowler and Jack Duckworth in their flat caps.
Ministry of Housing taking one-sided action has cancelled allotment of 350 Government residences in sector F-6/1 and member parliament Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry taking his personal interest has asked the Housing Ministry restore the allotments immediately, but the ministry was observing delaying tactics for restoration of allotments.