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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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Socio-cultural forums that have scheduled cultural activities and traditional Onam feasts include Sanskriti, Friends of Thrissur and Thiruvalla Marthoma College Allumni Association.
The list is a who's who of Scottish football with Alex Miller, Ian Munro, John McCormack, John Robertson, John Wark, Asa Hartford, Tommy Craig, Alex Willoughby, Jim Forrest, George McLean, Andy Gray and Maurice Johnston among the club's famous allumni.
The Sydney-based outfit have provided a conveyor-belt of international players for the Wallabies, with allumni from the 'Galloping Greens' including David Campese, Simon Poidevin and Phil Kearns among many others.