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Motives for Allusion plumbs two difficult questions: what constitutes a musical allusion, and--the larger question--what purposes are served by such allusions?
As the cover article in this issue shows, Robbie Williams courts gay audiences with homoerotic allusions.
True to form, Nunez threads the story with literary allusions and strong images.
Fine writers often weave a tapestry of allusions that could be termed an allusive complex and that gives their creations considerable resonance.
Todd issued his variorum edition in 1809, commentators had already amassed allusions to, inter alia, Virgil's Aeneid, Spenser's The Faerie Queene, and Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost.
This is because allusions generate more meaning than what can be contained in the text itself.
He finds the collections wholly fictitious and representing allusions to other literary works--Ammianus Marcellinus, Saint Jerome, and Suetonius, respectively, posits the identification of these allusions as one of the primary purposes for which the work was created.
Brahms's allusions, however, come across as deliberate demonstrations of his more sophisticated compositional technique, and it is perhaps unsurprising that the Brahms-Herzogenberg relationship was put under strain through these musical exchanges.
Thomas Harris and William Blake; allusions in the Hannibal Lecter novels.
It identifies over two thousand allusions found in literary and popular culture with quotations to illustrate proper usage.
Milton's editors and other scholarly source hunters have been mining his classical allusions since the late seventeenth century, when Patrick Hume compiled his vast Annotations on Milton's Paradise Lost (1695).
Like Gifford's indispensable volume, Hoff's book of annotations offers lengthy glosses on all the proper names, allusions, and historical references within the novel.