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Brooke analyzes various kinds of scriptural interpretation in the Qumran wisdom texts (mostly allusory but there are other types, even halakhic exegesis).
I suggest that Woolson constructed East Angels to align with Portrait in its presentation first of a seduction scene allusory to the Edenic temptation scene in Genesis and second of an ending that comments on its heroine's decision to resist such temptation.
The expressions then will seem partial and allusory.
This is the first in a series of references, direct and allusory, to the Alice books.
2) Milton's place in Byatt's allusory constellation has been curiously overlooked, although articles have appeared examining Byatt's treatment of Tennyson (Kelly) and Donne (Sabine).
I attempted to distinguish between traditional symbol and allegory and what I defined as "Hemingway's allusory technique.
I am arguing for an increased awareness of the allusory significance and richness of much of Conrad's imagery, often interpreted as mere physical description, or at best as a way of setting the tone of a scene.
The resulting verse is subtle, witty, highly allusory, and always provides the reader with numerous opportunities to uncover the many levels of signification embodied in a single phrase or even a single juxtaposition of words.
Despite the nightmarish aspects, despite the allusory or comic twists and turns, Ducornet's world is real.
Unaccompanied refrain singing with allusory poetic texts is the basis of song (sekar) in Kai.