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The three closed round the monkey,--hanging on his every motion with an earnestness almost equal to ours.
The fear of being swallowed up alive made me that I never slept in quiet; and yet the apprehension of lying abroad without any fence was almost equal to it; but still, when I looked about, and saw how everything was put in order, how pleasantly concealed I was, and how safe from danger, it made me very loath to remove.
Besides, your own fortune, as your father assured me, is almost equal to that of your betrothed.
In short, the auction was as good as a fair, and drew all classes with leisure at command: to some, who risked making bids in order simply to raise prices, it was almost equal to betting at the races.
Miss Ledrook, who was of a romantic turn, wore in her breast the miniature of some field- officer unknown, which she had purchased, a great bargain, not very long before; the other ladies displayed several dazzling articles of imitative jewellery, almost equal to real, and Mrs Crummles came out in a stern and gloomy majesty, which attracted the admiration of all beholders.
March smiled, as if well pleased, and Jo clapped her hands, exclaiming, with a laugh, "You are almost equal to Caroline Percy, who was a pattern of prudence
Lastly, she was guardian over a little armoury of cutlasses and carbines, arrayed in vengeful order above one of the official chimney-pieces; and over that respectable tradition never to be separated from a place of business claiming to be wealthy - a row of fire-buckets - vessels calculated to be of no physical utility on any occasion, but observed to exercise a fine moral influence, almost equal to bullion, on most beholders.
I use the word "forgotten" because they are unlike the SNP politicians who are willing to stand up to the Westminster government in reaction to vicious cuts that have created untold misery and hardship, with record homelessness almost equal to third-world counterparts.
19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --PJM Interconnection saved $199 million last year -- an amount almost equal to its operating costs -- by increasing efficiency in how generation is scheduled to meet electric demand requirements, particularly, the scheduling of more costly combustion turbines used to meet demand shortfalls.
Currently, such a crime is gaining momentum that is almost equal to gun, drugs, and diamond trafficking.
By commenting the formation of the opposition front, Darko Janevski from Nova Makedonija estimates that after this, Crvenkovski's chances of defeating Gruevski are almost equal to zero.