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In this section, the almost everywhere stability of third-ordered system is studied.
Live pig prices rose in the UK but came down almost everywhere else in the few days before Easter (there were minimal increases in Sweden and Greece).
Almost everywhere they go, Wearing and Ian find Iranians who have studied in the west, have studied English at school, or who have married a person from the U.
THIS is the perfect time to spend a few bob down at the local garden centre and reap the rewards in less than four months with loads of perfume, huge flowers and plants for almost everywhere in the garden.
It's very real, and it's felt by girls almost everywhere.
Since the late 1950s, however, one can see almost everywhere in the Muslim world changes occurring in the social status of women.
And almost everywhere he pops up, so does discussion of his avid, special following.
Even the poor have a few "luxuries" in the abundant flowers available almost everywhere.
I believe this fall we're going to see a surprisingly big Republican victory almost everywhere in this country.
The impact also knocked enough dirt into the air to blanket the entire planet with a dust cloud, blocking out the Sun's rays and temporarily killing off plants almost everywhere, says Steven D'Hondt, a paleontologist at the University of Rhode Island.
First of all, there are indeed quantities of new information almost everywhere here, and in certain areas - particularly Strohm's account of English music and that of the 'conciliar' period of the early fifteenth century in France and Italy - his own work and his summary of recent scholarly advances significantly alter earlier views.