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Nature is almost everywhere," the science journalist Emma Marris writes in Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World (Bloomsbury).
To be honest you get them almost everywhere you go.
The Hollywood heartthrob - who lives with fellow A-list star ANGELINA JOLIE and their six children - gets approached by fans almost everywhere he goes and revealed to Total Film magazine he has even had stalkers break in to his home.
Traces of bullets are seen almost everywhere on the ship, which is docked at a port in Canakkale, a city in northwestern Turkey.
the boundary function is measurable and finite almost everywhere.
These unfortunate children are visible almost everywhere right from homes of the people where they are busy carrying out the sweeping and scrubbing jobs to the roadside where they can be seen bargaining the items they sell.
TRANSPARENCY is a key word in business almost everywhere these days.
The queue to get on the carrier wasn't too long, but once aboard there was very little to see, as almost everywhere was out of bounds, and visitors were herded in a queue up a staircase onto the flight deck, where two helicopters were parked.
Summary: There is little doubt that before the US presidential election, most Iranians - like solid majorities almost everywhere around the world - were hoping that Barack Obama would win.
When the considered system satisfies the inequality for almost all initial value, its equilibrium is asymptotically stable almost everywhere.
Almost everywhere in Cardiff parking is so bad it causes traffic hold-ups.