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In the first place it was locked, and in the second it almost surely contained nothing in which I was interested.
The ban on Indian airliners overflying Pakistani airspace will impact affluent Indians (because airlines will have to raise fares to compensate for finding alternate, more expensive, routes), but any pressure exerted because of this will almost surely not convince New Delhi to reverse its steps.
JPMorgan analyst Ken Goldman lowered his estimates for Kraft Heinz following the company's first earnings call in six months, stating that "the call raised more questions than answers." While management made it clear, in his view, that a major margin rebase is not part of its plan, restraint on divestitures doesn't help reduce near-term leverage and "Street forecasts are almost surely going to drop," Goldman tells investors in a post-earnings research note.
On this side of the Irish Sea, it is widely accepted a hard split will almost surely result in chaos and extreme hardship.
currency in circulation is almost surely being used by criminals...The Financial Accounts of the United States put the total value of U.S.
But whatever you do be careful about animal bites in the Philippines because you will almost surely be bitten twice: once by an animal and next in all probability by a doctor who bites into your wallet using an extra dose of paranoia!
Summary: When China finally has its inevitable growth recession, which will almost surely be amplified by a financial crisis, given the economy's massive leverage, how will the rest of world be affected?
Gen Razek's death could quickly result in further gains for the Taliban across southern Afghanistan such was the stature and influence of the assassinated police general, whose brutal methods had brought stability to the region, but almost surely involved what would be considered war crimes.
'It can now move forward with expansion plans, and its profitability will almost surely improve,' a ranking central bank official said, requesting anonymity because of the confidential nature of the decision.
Worse, because of the tax cuts enacted at the end of last year, the US fiscal deficit is reaching new records -- recently projected to exceed $1tn by 2020 -- which means that the trade deficit almost surely will increase, whatever the outcome of the trade war.
Through diligent research, Restall presents readers with a fascinating view of Montezuma, mounting a convincing argument that Cortes' self-serving accounts and the traditional narrative are almost surely false.
Wilson warned his father that while the house itself might not be in danger, his evacuation routes would almost surely be under water.