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The relationship between theta (6-10 Hz) and low frequency alpha waves (11-12 Hz) is evaluated to gain information about a person's problem-solving ability (Wilson, Thompson, Thompson, & Peper, 2011).
Resting Alpha Waves: Initial resting alpha waves recorded during testing at baseline ranged from 5.
Alpha waves (8-12 cps) represent the brain idling and ready for action.
Indicators of cerebral cortex immaturity included polyrhythmic and decreased frequency (6-7 Hz), of alpha waves, and rhythm driving only in the low frequency range (4-7 Hz).
Those in the theta range foster deep meditation and REM sleep, and frequencies in the alpha wave range encourage relaxation.
The EEG studies showed a decrease in beta and alpha waves and increase in biphasic spike wave pattern in experimental Aizheimer rat model.
Professor Foxe said: "We found that within 20 minutes of drinking a cup of tea there was an effect on the brain's alpha waves.
Brain activity, measured throughout each test, showed that theanine induced strong alpha waves in neurons, suggesting restfulness.
They've found that the brain-wave patterns of meditators shift from alpha waves of arousal to theta waves of deep relaxation and problem-solving.
As polysomnographers can attest, it is not unusual to see classic phasic REMs while the EEG is producing alpha waves.
In addition to its ability to make relaxing alpha waves, l-theanine seems to cancel out some of the jittery effects of caffeine.