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After treatment with MO leaves extract for 14 days in colchicine infused rats, the EEG showed a significant decrease in spike discharge pattern with a prominent increase in beta waves but alpha waves were not significantly increased (Table V).
When you're recording the brain your can see it's natural rhythm, the alpha waves.
This was somewhat paradoxical as alpha waves are associated with general mental relaxation; it is more logical to expect beta activity in the brain, which is associated with attentional focus and awareness.
Many patients with fibromyalgia have a specific sleep disturbance involving the intrusion of alpha waves into slow wave sleep Tricycic antidepressants provide temporary restoration of normal sleep patterns, but this improvement is often short lived.
Gamma waves are present during sound sleep; theta waves indicate dozing or sleeping; beta waves are present during an awake, excited state and alpha waves signify an awake, relaxed state.
The alpha waves, known as the good waves - prominent when a person is relaxing - are what triggers the switch.
For the analysis of EEG tracings, attention was given to the appearance of alpha waves which are associated with a relaxed wakefulness correlated with a general tranquil, pleasant feeling.
s call to use one's own alpha waves as a mantra in prayer (131).
It increases the production of alpha waves in the brain as well as reduces biological markers of stress like cortisol levels.
For a long time, people thought alpha waves represented the brain idling," Frohlich said.
It uses electrical microcurrents delivered through the central nervous system via clips attached to the earlobes to stimulate production of endorphins - natural brain chemicals that have a morphine-like effect - and increase activity of alpha waves, the frequency along which the brain operates to help us relax.